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Business Logic - Custom Software Developement, Web Applications and Innovation Services
Business Logic - Custom Software Developement, Web Applications and Innovation Services
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Simply Smart Technology Solutions
Business Logic is a development company specialised in delivering custom business applications and innovations. With a highly technical and business-aware team, we are focused on adding business value through implementation of new technology.
Our goal is to make your job easier. Whether you are looking for a software company that will assist you in your start up business, or looking for a software partner that will work with you to either update your current systems or build and design a new one, Business Logic can work for you.
We'll provide you with the best you can get in all aspects of your project requirements. We not only have expert internal staff, in the many years we've been here we've built a huge network of partner firms, each offering a specific expertise. No matter how big or small the project, we have the personnel to handle it.
Would you choose to employ someone who couldn't learn how your business worked?
Who had great existing "skills" and "features" but couldn't adapt to your business growth and requirements.
We provide our clients with bespoke solutions that are tailored to your business and will evolve with your business requirements and opportunities.
Business Logic employ the latest technologies and methodologies allowing us to provide you with business solutions that are scaleable, robust and fit for the future.
This allows us to always provide you with the most effective and efficent solutions for your business and allows you to be one step ahead of your competition.
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Customer Spotlight
  • Trimpell Cricket Club is one of the fastest growing cricket clubs in the UK, supporting five senior and three junior clubs. Trimpell needed a website to both represent and to help administrate the growing club. Business Logic worked with Trimpell CC to allow members to be able to make updates to the club website without any need for prior training.
  • Nibori Limited, a partner company, were approached by a global airline logistics company to provide a safe and secure way to guarantee airline passengers could be met at their destination. Market research had indicated that approximately 7% of passengers were missed, with a resulting loss of revenue exceeding 22 million pounds per year.
  • We worked with SDS Technology to create one of the UK's leading online vehicle tracking system. Business Logic where involved from concept and provided business and technical advice that became the framework for the project. We also provided the technology and expertise for the whole online tracking system, reporting and administration system.
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News Blog
  • Revolutionary Tracking Platform offering an Unbelievable Opportunity.

    Business Logic today introduced PointAT, www.point-at.net, a holistic geographic information system (GIS). Supporting the innovation and technology sector, the new service combines existing mapping and building design meta-data (CAD) to provide an online 3D indoor and 2D outdoor positioning and tracking application.
  • The government has approved the proposed site in Heysham for a new nuclear power station.
    A decision on where plants will be built will be taken by a new commission after national and local consultation. Ministers hope to fast-track the construction of the new plants so that some can be producing energy by as early as 2018.
  • 29 October 09, 9:34 AM
    A competition aimed at making the most of map data has been launched. Backed by UK mapping agency Ordnance Survey, the GeoVation competition aims to find new ways for geography to empower citizens.

    Ideas already submitted include a service that lets pedestrians map safe routes based on the location of CCTV cameras.
  • 21 July 09, 5:37 PM
    Trimpell needed a website to both represent and to help administrate the growing club. Business Logic worked with Trimpell CC to allow members to be able to make updates to the club website without any need for prior training. It also heralds the arrival of our new sports team solution SportWS.

  • 4 June 09, 2:39 PM
    We will be using our innovation to engage with universities and other academic institutions to help their business grow and develop. Vouchers can be redeemed to fund the cost of this practical knowledge and expertise.

    The Voucher will be used at Lancaster University to research the range of hardware solutions available that can be integrated into the asset tracking system we’re developing.
  • LearnersEnglish is a new eLearning system hosted in China and providing english speaking courses to the Chinese consumer. We have provided the infrastructure to support the eLearning multi-language requirements and provideed the integration to a new Chinese payment gateway.

  • 30 April 09, 4:26 PM
    Launch of the Digital Alliance website, Business Logic provided the integration to the new pan north west members database and members and administration functionality.

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Customer Reviews
  • Business Logic provided use with overflow development capabilities for our unique progress performance monitoring system. They quickly applied their expertise to the system, understanding both the technology and processes and becoming a seemless part of our organisation. 5 Star Performance.
  • Business Logic provided us with a bespoke, cost-effective solution to meet our specific needs. It was a pleasure to work with them and the service we received was completely professional.
  • Their work is commendable and the team highly responsive. We really enjoyed working with them; their services are highly recommended to all.
  • I strongly recommend Business Logic as a development partner. I am confident that your own experience with Business Logic will be as favourable as ours at Backbone IT Group..
  • Business Logic have worked with us on a number of projects and products. Combining an excellent in-depth technical knowlege with innovative ideas and practical business sense. We have found them to be dedicated to their values and our business!
  • The Business Logic team of highly competent specialists worked seamlessly with our in-house IT department to deliver projects successfully, always on time and within budget.
  • I have no hesitation recommending Business Logic to any other company who requires the quality provision of IT solutions. We have found their services to be first class.
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